Training (University students)

Do you think that a career in Intellectual property/ Consulting is interesting?

We believe that in order to build sustainable and happy future, we need to train and educate youth/ students at all levels including Graduates, Post. Grads and PhDs to raise awareness on role of intellectual property in progress of science and associated benefits to human life and society. Our in-depth training provides students insights into the world of innovation and Intellectual property.

Training module will include:
  • Patent Strategy mapping for successful IP monetizing
  • Academic resourcing funneling for efficient patent drafting
  • Understanding the need and the SWAT scoping
  • Workshops on claim mapping and drafting
  • MOU scope with potential US based academic and start-ups on collaborative project on identified IPs'
  • Mentoring program to create IP professionals and to train them for Patent Agent Exam
  • Creating consolidated Patent/IP module in sync with the academic syllabus