Patent Analytics

Our technical team has extensive experience in generating integrated reports using Patent research, Scientific Literature research, and Business research generates insights/ trends for Research scientist, IP Strategists and provides bird-eye view for leadership executives and decision makers. PatInnovate Consulting is a one-stop-solution provider working closely with In-house counsels, Law Firms, SMEs, and Startups to provide best-in-class information / insights for taking informed decision making. We are committed to provide our clients with accurate information leading to actionable insights for more informed decision making.

Patent Landscape Do you want to understand Technology evolution, Key players holding IP, Top inventors, Innovation centers, other Bibliographic and Technology break-up in your area of interest over a period of time?

Portfolio analysis Do you need to understand competitor/ collaborators IP portfolio including Filing trend, Legal status split, Technology coverage, Product-patent mapping?

Due diligence Are you planning a research/ business collaboration or targeting a potential acquisition and plan to conduct due-diligence exercise?

Product Patent mapping Do you need to understand protection for your / competitor's products (how and with how many patent any particular product is protected) or need to know any third party players that have overlapping products with your IP Portfolio?

Patent Ranking/ Benchmarking Do you need to analyze IP strength of key competitors using multiple parameters (e.g. size of portfolio, Patent strength, Legal Status split, Jurisdiction coverage, Technology mapping: Product –to-Patent mapping)?