About Us

PatInnovate consulting is a startup firm that thrives to write new success stories for clients by maximizing output/ success/ innovation and minimizing risk & uncertainty. We work closely with our clients to build innovative and sustainable business models by avoiding duplicate research, bridging gaps to innovation leaders by identifying new opportunities/ white space analysis.

Integrated solution workflow built using Patent research, Scientific Literature research, and Business research generates insights/ trends for Research scientist, IP Strategists and provides bird-eye view for leadership executives and decision makers. We provide search and intelligence services to Corporates, Universities, Research Institutes, Law firms, Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs), and Start-ups to give competitive edge for making informed decisions. PatInnovate Consulting is a one-stop-solution for clients requiring support ranging from for patent searches (Freedom to operate, Patentability searches, Invalidations) and Patent drafting to Technology Intelligence (Landscapes, competitive Intelligence, technology benchmarking) and Technology transfer for gaining market and business advantage. Our team at PatInnovate Consulting are committed to address issues and challenges faced by our client's, in best possible ways.

How can PatInnovate be your business Advantage?

We all know the value of a trusted partner that always keeps you on the priority. Pace at which technology/ product space is moving now is far more dynamic than ever before, hence open innovation/ collaboration/ continuous innovation become needs of the hour to stay ahead. Please check below our credentials if you are looking for a new partner or want to improve current scenario:

    Technical and Domain Expertise – PatInnovate Consulting hosts a team of Technology and Legal experts that provide you with the accurate and up-to-date information. Our Team has expertise in various technology domains (Life Sciences, Healthcare, FMCG, Medical devices, Oil and Gas, Hi-Tech, ITC, Mechanical, Automobile, CRI, etc.) with both on-desk training and awareness through workshops/ seminars/ conferences on latest developments in cutting-edge research. Clients reach out us not only to generate new insights/ reports but they also for an unbiased second opinion.
    Multiple Database usage – We at PatInnovate Consulting understands that no-single database provides 100% recall due to various factors like jurisdictional coverage, Search operators, update frequency, different terms/synonyms used for same invention in different jurisdiction. We ensure comprehensive data coverage by using combination of both commercially available databases and national patent office registers.

Stakeholder-Team Alignment – At PatInnovate Consulting, we believe that both our team and clients needs to align for maximizing output and minimizing rework. Smooth and Timely project workflow requires both project stakeholders and technical team to re-group as various levels (Project scoping, Technology categorization, Reporting) to produce desired results. Project manager bridges the gap between technical team and project stakeholders and flags concern right at the very point.
Rigorous Quality Checks – At PatInnovate Consulting, we believe that Quality should be at the heart of the project. We have implemented various layers of quality checks and supplementary searches for review to ensure that reports generate accurate data/ insights for taking informed decisions by our clients. We ensure quality reports through our robust project planning and lean process workflow.

Our Goal

PatInnovate Consulting is the brainchild of old friends coming together again after more than a decade of association with Lab research and Consulting services. We are driven by our solo goal – Building sustainable work environment for our clients by maximizing client success/Innovation and minimizing risk and uncertainty. We thrive to provide business and competitive edge to our customers in fast moving and dynamic ecosystem using our best-in-class research brilliance to build and safeguard intangible assets of the organizations. PatInnovate Consulting leads in terms of client information/ insights through combination of Patent Research, Scientific Literature Research, and Business Research providing 360 degree technology coverage. Our Team is trained to not just look at client query but to understand complete business prospective to suggest appropriate approach and project methodology.
PatInnovate Consulting provides various working models including On-Demand work, Dedicated research resources to appropriately fit into client situation. Our customers rely on us considering below benefits:

  • Putting Quality first
  • Next level of information – just get what you require and not what all is available there
  • Simple, effective & actionable information/ insights not huge Datasets
  • Next level of Stakeholder-Team alignment
  • Supporting/ Assisting in managing workload of in-house teams
  • Integrated reports – Patent Research + Scientific Literature Research + Business Research
  • Enhanced analytics – Insightful Bibliographic & Technology trends
  • Newsletters – Tracking technology/ competition/ new entrants
Risk Management Consulting – Countering sudden litigation/ Competition/ infringement

Maximizing Opportunity/ Innovation - Supporting Research and strategy teams with timely information & Insights in concerned technology domain.