Product-Patent mapping

Do you need to understand protection for your / competitor's products (how and with how many patent any particular product is protected) or need to know any third party players that have overlapping products with your IP Portfolio?

Product-patent mapping is a key activity as it provides insights on commercially valuable patents covering product/ technology that provide competitive edge in the market. Activity involves mapping product features/ specifications onto the claims of patent document to identify IP protecting/ covering the technology or product. It also becomes an interesting finding that some of the best selling market products may not have any IP protection as IP may not have been either filed or could have expired as of now; hence such high-value products may be prone to competition. Below are the primary reasons for conducting product-patent mapping:

  • Identification of commercially valuable patents
  • Understanding the patent expiry dates of products by linking them to patents
  • Identification of potential infringers with product features that map on competitor's IP portfolio

Our technical team of experts have proficiency in conducting various product-patent mapping exercises based on client requirements from being simple keyword based mapping (product formulations, microbial strains accession numbers) between products and patent claims to complex scenarios wherein in-depth claim interpretation is required for co-relation with products. It is important to understand that companies generally built a wall of patents to protect key product/ technologies; hence a rigorous review is required for a comprehensive product-patent mapping exercise.