Patent Searching

We focus on quality and comprehensiveness, so that you can put your best foot forward with correct and up-to-date information. We work in close collaboration with In-house counsels, Law Firms, SMEs, and Startups to provide best-in-class information / insights for informed decision making. With strong domain expertise and market knowledge, we categorize IP into specific technologies and solutions to present actionable insights. We can provide best-in-class Patentability search reports using our propriety patent search process that involves multiple database strategy and robust quality control steps that ensures comprehensiveness.

Patentability – Is your idea/ invention novel and has inventive step/ is non-obvious or someone has already patented/ disclosed it before in the "Public domain"?

Freedom-to-Operate – Do you have freedom/ clearance before launching or commercializing your product/ process/ technology in the specific jurisdiction?

Invalidity search/ Opposition search – Do you want to file opposition/ IPR / PGR patent review or prepare for a court proceeding regarding a blocking patent and need potentially relevant prior-art documents?

Biosequence search – Are you wondering if your biosequences (Nucleic acid/ Amino acid – Antibody chains, Biosimilars, CDRs, Peptides, Enzymes, Proteins, Epitopes, Primers, Probes, siRNAs, Motif, Vector/ components, Mutations, Substitutions, Mutations) are novel and have freedom for market commercialization?

Chemical Structure search – Do you need to identify documents (Patent references and scientific publications) identical or close to your Chemical/ Markush structure?

Patent Alerts – Are you tracking any specific technology and need periodic patents/ published applications for your Research or Legal team?

Patent Legal-status Watch – Do you want to ensure that you never miss tracking your key competitor's patent applications?

Relevancy Analysis – Do you have a huge dataset and hand and need assistance in fist level analysis to drill down to relevant dataset?

Litigation support – Are you looking for support during on-going court trial or before litigation proceedings (e.g. document discovery, Building list of existing court cases with opponent, key insights – settlements, damages, etc.)?