Patent Legal-status Watch

Do you want to ensure that you never miss tracking your key competitor's patent applications?

Patent Legal status watch is periodic activity for monitoring competitor's patent applications for any change in prosecution status. These activities are of prime business importance as companies prepare for various legal proceedings (e.g. third party observations, post grant procedures, etc.). Below are the primary reasons for conducting a Legal status watch:

  • Identification of IP threats
  • Preparation of post-grant proceedings
  • Licensing opportunities
  • Launching generic drugs
  • Optimizing commercialization plans based on outcome of prosecution of key patents

Our technical experts are specialized at preparing such legal status watches so that you do not miss any key prosecution alert (Notice of Allowance, Abandonment, Patent lapse) for future course of action. Experts retrieve the legal status details from corresponding national patent office registers to identify any change in the legal status. We help our clients to reduce the burden for in-house teams by providing periodic legal status alerts.