Training (corporate/ SMEs/ Start-ups)

Is your workforce looking for skill enhancement on Intellectual Property?

We believe that with changing business environment, it is essential for Corporate, Universities/ Research Institutes, SMEs, and Start-ups to understand importance of building intangible assets (e.g. Patents, Trademarks). We provide modular training/ seminars on importance of key Intellectual Property assets and tools/ ways to build and analyze them.

Training module will include:
  • Understanding the corporate need and to establish the IP business module
  • Train work force on a case to case basis
  • Develop a training module and do the rigorous IP mining
  • Work as a nodal point for seed funding by identifying potential clients in US and EU and to establish
  • successful IP monetizing routes with our onshore partners
  • Setting up a nodal connection with MSME and Govt bodies on IP awareness drives
  • Drive to find out capable IP resources and to facilitate IP commercialization routes