Patent Drafting

Do you have a patentable idea/Invention at hand and want to draft patent specification and claims for establishing priority?

Patent drafting activity comes into picture when inventor has a good understand around key embodiments and wants to go-ahead to secure the priority date for the invention. This is the first key step of the patent lifecycle which dictates overall scope and coverage of the invention. It is very important to note that patent drafting should be initiated only after a thorough and professional patentability search that focuses on both the novelty and the non-obviousness aspect. Overall objective a patent application is to describe the patent invention in details with specific examples, tables, and figures to fulfill both the enablement and written description requirement.

Our technical team of experts has proficiency in drafting patent applications with key focus on claim scope and its technical coverage. Technical experts work closely with inventors to understand key aspects of the invention and guide them on filing aspects including unity of invention in case of multiple inventions. Patent drafting team carefully reviews both the invention at hand and all potentially relevant prior art documents for simple and clear claim filings. Our drafting team ensures below aspects:

  • High quality patent applications with key focus on claim scope and technical coverage
  • Suggestions on designing around/ circumventing
  • Higher grant rate
  • Reduce office actions