Licensing opportunities

Do you need any assistance for in-licensing or out-licensing or cross-licensing of your technology/ products?

Licensing is one of the key aspects for IP and Business teams when an organization is looking for any type of in-licensing and out-licensing. Key parameters that need to be reviewed before going for such business agreements include IP positioning, Proof of concept (POC), Competitive advantage. Both in-licensing and out-licensing activities have different challenges and need specific approach for a systematic review of the technology. Below are the primary reasons for conducting Licensing studies:

  • In-Licensing opportunities
  • Out-Licensing opportunities

Our technology experts have experience in preparing licensing report for desirable Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical drugs/ Technologies considering IP aspects like Patent strength (prosecution history), Patent coverage (Jurisdictions covered), additional applications in the family like divisional or additional applications, FTO (considering patents from third parties which could be infringed while practicing the query invention). Other aspects relate to identifying prevailing competing technologies (competitive intelligence) which may have other benefits (e.g. Cost, Time) over desirable technology/drug to be licensed. Understanding licensing terms like exclusivity (or number of licensee in case of non-exclusive license), Term of license, royalty terms for research or commercial application are also of paramount importance etc.