Patent Landscape

Do you want to understand Technology evolution, Key players holding IP, Top inventors, Innovation centers, other Bibliographic and Technology break-up in your area of interest over a period of time?

Patent landscapes are the best available strategic decision making tools for understanding different aspects associated with the technology domain – Technology evolution, Foundational IP, Key Players, Most cited patents, Technology trends, Competitive insights, and white spaces. There are multiple end users for technology patent landscape reports – Researchers (to get technology insights), IP team (identification of key foundational and advanced IP), Business & IP strategy team (identifying opportunities/ threats), Project managers (understanding timelines and to-dos from the projects), Executive team (business, competitive, market overview). Corporate teams undertake such landscape projects if they intend to either enter a new technology of business or want to build comprehensive insights on patent filing in existing technology segment. Below are the primary reasons for conducting a Patent Landscape searches:

  • Entering a new technology segment
  • R&D roadmap of key players
  • Comprehensive view of patent filings in the technology
  • Identification of White and Grey spaces
  • Insights on key corporate, Universities, start-ups

Our technical team of experts has over a decade of experience in bringing out insights/ trends in various technologies by building customized Landscape reports keeping both the end users and applications in mind. Landscape projects start with building a strong understanding in the technology, Market dynamics including customer needs, Potential existing solutions. We generate detailed landscape reports by executing proprietary search and analysis methodology that is followed by preparation of executive summary. It is important to understand that preparation of taxonomy categorization for the technology is key to preparing a successful landscape analysis report as various approaches (Problem-Solution approach, Technology segmentation) can be used that best fits into the requirement.