Patent Alerts

Are you tracking any specific technology and need periodic patents/ published applications for your Research or Legal team?

Patent alert is the best way to track newly filed patent applications/ granted patents in a specific technology domain. This is also a handy tool for competitive intelligence to periodically monitor key player activity. We provide best-in-class alerting service so that you never miss any key publication. Below are the primary reasons for conducting a patent alerts:

  • Updating patent landscapes
  • Tracking newly published patents/ published applications in any specific domain
  • Alerting/ updating R & D team to understand new innovation technologies
  • Identifying new entrants in any specific technology domain

Our technical experts design the keyword/ classification/ player based patent alerts in periodic fashion (Weekly/ Bi-weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly) so that you know everything that's getting published. Technical experts conduct the preliminary analysis to exclude non-relevant dataset and present potentially relevant publications after brief taxonomy clustering.