IP Monetization

Are you looking to commercialize your IP assets?

It is important to understand that a lot of Universities, Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and Start-ups boost their revenues through licensing and commercialization of their IP assets. We assist our clients in identification of suitable patents for licensing and commercialization activities. Our team of technical experts is proficient in identification of key valuable patents along with any potential products/ technologies with features/ specifications overlapping with its claims. IP due diligence is a very crucial step in such exercise wherein complete patent portfolio is precisely reviewed to identify list of patents/ published applications that can be used for patent monetization. Another key step involves IP valuation to systematically understand price and value expected from a patent or patent portfolio.

Below are the primary ways of IP Monetization:

  • Patent Licensing including exclusive/ non-exclusive licenses
  • Patent selling (that may include role of IP broker)
  • Enforcement of Patents by filings infringement suits
  • Patent pooling