Company Profiling

Do you want a brief (1-2 pagers) or detailed (15-20 pager) profiling for your competitors/ potential partners/ targets?

Company profiling forms the basis of competitor's review as it covers all key aspects associated with the organization from financial consideration to marketed products. It is of paramount importance to have a detailed company profiling for your competitors with periodic updates so as to have complete up-to-date right information. This detailed profiling serves as robust base for different end users including Business development team, IP strategists, Innovation teams, Research leads, and Top executives/ Decision makers. Below are the primary reasons for conducting Company profiling activity

  • Detailed information guide on competitors
  • Understanding business/ market strategy
  • Identifying key products/ market positioning for competitive edge

Our team of experts have extensive experience in building both the brief overview profiles (1-2 pagers) and complete detailed profiles (15-20 pagers). We have served many of top companies to prepare detailed competitor profiles that have been used by strategist and leadership executives to stay up-to-date on their competitors for analyzing competitive intelligence, R&D strategies, and market opportunities.

Profiling of key players/ Competitors include
  • Overall Timeline (Key milestones & Achievements)
  • Company Overview (Key stats – Financial summary, Employee strength, Business summary, Top leadership)
  • Business Model (including growth drivers like key acquisitions/ mergers and major transitions/ changes)
  • Business segments (Key Products, Services)
  • Collaborations (academic & corporate), partnerships & agreements including transfer of licensing rights.
  • SWOT analysis highlighting key differentiators and weaknesses
  • Competitive Benchmarking - Benchmarking potential partners/ competitors on parameters like Innovation (Patent & Research publications in technology domain), Technology, Product & services, financial stability & Size.