Technology Landscape

Do you want to track your technology on scale of 360 degrees using Patent research, Scientific Literature research, and Business research to identify current & future trends?

Technology landscapes present the overall true and complete picture of the technology under review by combining Patent research, Scientific Literature research, and Business research. These reports have great importance for more diverse end users as compared to patent landscapes (specially research teams looking for technology/ product innovation and IP/ business strategists looking out for key opportunities/ threats, and leadership executives looking for technology overview & competition). These reports have a real futuristic angle as these provide amazing co-relation between industry leading products and associated IP with inputs on upcoming trends/ technologies based on recently published patents/ Scientific Literature articles/ technology/ product news. Such detailed report generally also includes R & D roadmap for some selected key players/ start-ups that highlight overall business model/ strategies adopted for progress. Below are the primary reasons for conducting Technology Landscapes:

  • Complete 360 degree view of the your technology section
  • Through insights/ trends before venturing into new technology segment
  • Current & up-to-date innovation tracking
  • Identification of top universities/ research institutes/ Inventors active in the technology domain
  • Competitive strength and weakness of key players
  • Product – Patent coverage for key technology/ products

Our team of experts is proficient in conducting technology landscapes in various technology segments to help corporate in strategizing both in their current domain of work or when they plan to venture into a completely new technology area. Technical experts are equipped with knowledge, training and tools for executing Patent research, Scientific Literature research, and Business research to address key questions in front of any organization around market and technology. One key advantage of technology landscape over patent landscape is that Scientific Literatures provides recent insights into top Universities/ Research institutes engaged in the domain research whereas Business research may bring out players that do not have any patent filings but still have a strong product/ technology impacting market place.