Patentability search

Is your idea/ invention novel and has inventive step/ is non-obvious or someone has already patented/ disclosed it before in the "Public domain"?

  • Identifying closest technology disclosures before investing major resources
  • Better claim construction/ scope of patent applications
  • Improves overall quality of the patent application
  • Reduced office/ actions & higher grant rates
  • Helps in design around

Further, it should be very well understood by the scientific community that in-order not to destroy novelty of our inventions, we need to claim and establish priority of the invention before any sort of public disclosures – Scientific publication, Newspaper/ Magazine article, Conference Abstract, Social media disclosures (Blog, Facebook post, Tweet), or even commercialization. Researchers may believe that his/ her research is novel and they are the first one on the globe to do it but a professional patent expert conducts complete technology scan with a set protocol to pull out closest disclosures (from both patent and scientific literature) in the space. Although, we recommend a professional patentability search before patent filing or any key decision making but strongly recommend researchers to conduct personal searches at their own-end to know basic prior-art and hence bring out uniqueness in their invention by avoiding known research.

PatInnovate Consulting helps to build your patent portfolio by providing accurate patentability reports by technical searchers while working on similar lines to patent examiners. Technical searchers use a predefined algorithm/ workflow to conduct the searches from narrow to broad scope for comprehensive worldwide coverage. Technical experts analyze the prior-art documents from the prospect of Novelty and the non-obviousness (Inventive step) aspect with initial focus on novelty using narrow searches followed by broad searches targeting combination of prior-art documents.