Office action response drafting

Are you looking for support in office action response drafting to overcome patent examiner's arguments?

Prosecution is the most important stage in patent lifecycle that involves regular interaction (e.g. office actions) between inventor or their legal representatives with patent examiners. During office action proceedings, patent examiners may bring up various forms of rejections including anticipation and obviousness based on identified potentially relevant prior art documents. Patent examiners may bring up objections including enablement and written description requirement based on information disclosed in full specification of the patent application.

Our team of technical experts support in drafting of office action response arguments to overcome various rejections raised by patent officer examiners during office actions. Our technical team is well trained and aware of international IP laws for preparation of arguments to counter examiner's rejection. Our drafting team ensures below aspects:

  • Broadest possible claim scope coverage
  • Suggestions on designing around/ circumventing
  • Higher grant rate
  • Reduce office actions