Litigation support

Are you looking for support during on-going court trial or before litigation proceedings (e.g. document discovery, Building list of existing court cases with opponent, key insights – settlements, damages, etc.)?

Litigation support for corporate has become very crucial in today's dynamic market wherein organizations are ever more prone to litigation/ infringement challenges. Once part of an infringement suit, in-house IP team is under a lot of pressure considering multitude of activities/ strategies to be executed in challenging timelines. In-house IP team looks at various activities including – Invalidation strategies, Non-Infringement arguments, reviewing opponent's patent portfolio (due-diligence), document discovery, understanding opponent's past litigation history and settlement trends, Licensing/ negotiation tactics. Below are the primary reasons for conducting litigation support:

  • E-Discovery
  • Due-diligence
  • Opponent's litigation history
  • Past settlement terms and conditions