Chemical Structure search

Do you need to identify documents (Patent references and scientific publications) identical or close to your Chemical/ Markush structure?

Chemical/ Markush structure search are specialized searches that use structure as a database query to identify identical or similar structures. Structure searching comprises three basic steps – chemical structure searching, Structure/ Markush analysis, and reporting. An expert searcher is proficient is various databases (Commercial and non-fee search engines) and search tools (various algorithms and programs) for conducting the search. Below are the primary reasons for conducting a Chemical structure search:

  • Patentability analysis for a chemical structure
  • Freedom-To-Operate search before commercial launch of chemical product
  • Conducting invalidity search for a competitor's patent claiming chemical structure

Chemical structure searches are complex as compared to keyword based searches as these searches not only include the final product but the starting reagent, various intermediates, and impurities based on complete route of synthesis (ROS) of the chemical. We help our clients in conducting chemicals structure searches using commercial databases (STN/ Scifinder – REGISTRY, MARPAT) and non fee databases. Our technical team has expertise in conducting chemical structure searches by building query structure and usage of various search engines including exact structure search, substructure search, or family structure search.