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April 5, 2020

Technology Landscaping……..……...Getting it right

Technology landscapes are the best known tools for reviewing technology insights/ trends based on Patent research, Scientific Literature research, and Business research. This is an effective tool for both the Technology frontrunners who require a second opinion on existing competition & new entrant as well as the corporates that plan to enter a new territory of business.

Business Questions to be answered:

  • Technology Evolution
  • Competitive insights including recent entrants & innovate startups
  • R&D roadmap for key players
  • Technology insights & White space analysis
  • Market insights (Top and emerging products/ technologies)
  • Partnerships & Acquisitions
  • Patent Litigations/ Opposition/ Licensing activity

Landscape covers technology through segmentation of published patents/ scientific research based on possible solutions categorization and associated subcategories. Segmentation of published literature is conducted with an objective to build technology insights including white space analysis and competitor technology scan. It is of utmost importance to build a robust and detailed taxonomy categorization which is in sync with market dynamics and is applicable across all competitors.
One of the key aspects of the technology landscape is to understand complete value chain involved in the business. In-case, we need to prepare a technology landscape in the field of recombinant protein production, all key aspects including strain preparation, Upstream processing, Downstream processing, and Formulation needs to be covered so that all different players working in any part of the value chain can be compared and benchmarked. Business and Market research is critical for identification of innovation and successful products/ technologies in the segment based on customer needs. Some corporate use their in-house competence to excel in market place wherein others rely on acquisitions/ partnerships to bridge technology gap. Brief company profiling of key players/ Universities/ start-ups highlighting technology insights gives a very good overview on changing research focus.
Key to success of technology landscapes lies in seamless integration of Patent & Scientific & Market research to draw out technology insights/ trends. This integration mapped across complete value chain for the technology brings out gaps/ opportunities. Reach out to our team of experts for specific technology requirements.